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Egyptian Motor Hotel, BW Signature Collection

765 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, 85007 Etats-Unis
Contacter l’hôtel
Contacter l’hôtel
Contacter l’hôtel
TEL : (602) 807-5225
3.5 / 5
35 Avis Tripadvisor

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Services hôtel

Réception 24h/24
Wifi gratuite
Parking payant sur place.
Restaurant à proximité

Services chambre

Les points forts

Services hôtel

Réception 24h/24
Wifi gratuite
Parking payant sur place.
Restaurant à proximité

Services chambre



Bâti dans les années 50 puis ramené à la vie, l'Egyptian a été décrit par le Sunset Magazine comme « la résurrection d'un des hôtels boutiques les plus branchés de l'Arizona ». Découvrez l'Egyptian Motor Hotel, BW Signature Collection, dont le style rétro et décontracté inspirera à coup sûr les créatifs, les gourmets et les mélomanes qui aiment échanger, communier et s'entourer d'originalité vintage. Nouvel hôtel boutique du centre-ville de Phoenix, l'Egyptian propose 49 chambres modernes et rétro, un superbe Airstream argenté abritant l'un des restaurants les plus branchés de Phoenix et un bar à cocktails extérieur proposant des plats de Chilte to go et des spectacles.Mélange d’ancien et de nouveau, les chambres de cet hôtel boutique disposent de lits king size et de lits superposés, d'enceintes Bluetooth Marshall, d'un grand réfrigérateur, d'un four à micro-ondes, d'une table à manger pour deux, de pommeaux de douche à effet pluie et de patios surplombant le bar extérieur animé.Présenté dans le magazine Bon Apétite comme « l'un des nouveaux restaurants les plus attendus en 2023 », Chilte apporte sa touche unique d'inventivité culinaire à l'Egyptian. Avec sa « haute cuisine de rue », ce restaurant sur place associe esprit indépendant et ingrédients incroyablement recherchés pour offrir aux clients une expérience culinaire inédite. Les spécialités de Chilte peuvent être dégustées sur place ou emportées pour être savourées au Live et dans les chambres !Le Live at the Egyptian, un bar à cocktails extérieur d'une capacité de 250 personnes, propose une large gamme de cocktails créatifs, de spiritueux et de plats de Chilte to go, ainsi que des divertissements locaux dans une atmosphère éclectique en plein air. Soirées DJ, karaoké, quiz ou spectacles comiques, l'Egyptian a tout prévu pour les clients.Les espaces extérieurs comprennent également une oasis et des jeux en tous genres et de tous niveaux pour adultes, du Jenga géant sous le ciel de l'Arizona jusqu’au baby-foot dernière génération, en passant par des courses sous-marines dans la piscine.L'Egyptian Motor Hotel, BW Signature Collection est situé sur Grand Avenue, dans le quartier des arts du centre-ville de Phoenix. Elle est bordée de boutiques et de galeries d'art et abrite bien d'autres activités créatives. L'établissement se trouve à moins de dix kilomètres de l'aéroport et à moins de trois kilomètres d'autres activités liées à l'art, à la nature et à l'inspiration.Le bar Egyptian Live peut être un peu bruyant : si vous n'êtes pas un couche-tard, des bouchons d'oreille sont disponibles dans les chambres.


Avis clients

Basé sur l'avis de 35 voyageurs
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Rapport qualité / prix
"Only good if you're on a party vacation and under 25 yrs of age"
Eric H, 26 Avril 2024

Ok, long-winded review. Let me start by saying the place is cute and the staff are very friendly. But that is where it ends. First off, there are very few rooms and there is nowhere around the site to park, yet you have to pay for a parking space at a motel...shame on them for nickel and diming clients. I walk into the room and thought I was in the room of a teenager....ok, its kind of silly fun. Wait, why are there ear plugs on the bedside I thought...this can't be good. I turned on the tv for some background noise while I worked.....it wasn't working. A staff member came after a few minutes and got it working. I logged into their wifi which worked fine and worked for a couple hours before heading to a client event 5 minutes away. I got back from my client event at midnight with a long day of work in the morning. I laid down, it was nice and quiet but for hearing every footfall from upstairs. at 12.15, the abutting room starts blasting EDM music. I never like being that guy, so I broke out the earplugs....no luck...the constant thump of the EDM came right through. The rooms don't have phones, but there is a number you can text for support. I texted the number twice asking if they have quiet hours and could they do something. I never received a response. I checked every 20 minutes when the music woke me up again. Needless to say, between the overly firm bed and the music I hardly slept. I woke up at 4:30 barely able to hold my eyes open. I thought about packing up and just heading into the office, but I was too exhausted. Closed my eyes and woke again at 4:40AM when finally the music stopped. I got up in an exhausted stupor at 7, got in the shower and felt a little better. As I reach for a towel, I realize there is nothing but two small hand-towels. Got ready and went to check out. I asked the front desk staff why I never got a response to my text. They had no idea and apologized for the noise and the lack of towels. They offered a free coffee and a McMuffin and I hit the road. If you are over the age of 25 and are there on business, do not stay at the Egyptian. You will be sorry you did. The place is cute with the updates, but it is window dressing.

"Overall pretty good, some quirks"
Up4laughs, 18 Mars 2024

Definitely meets the premise of being a hip, rock-n-roll motel, catering to the youngish crowd. The room had fun, colorful, well thought out design. There is a hip hang out area in the courtyard, with a bar & funky chairs. However, it was closed both nights I was there, so it felt like a ghost town. The bathroom is ridiculously tiny (though the water pressure is good). Some nice touches, like a filtered water pitcher, tiny cooler, and robes. Don't stay in any ground level rooms— you can hear every footstep from the rooms above. Friendly service. Overall, though, I don't think all the hipster designs cover up the fact that this is basically a motel 6 with a fresh coat of paint.

"Karen Free , 70s style and party.."
ArcticWolf X, 12 Mars 2024

This is a great place. Loved the style, the place is not foe a goto bed early crowd. Was in town for Game On Expo and just loved it. Like a trip back in time. Yeah if your with a family I dont suggest, but booked it a second time becuse everything was about having fun. If you wanna meet and hang with new people,, then this is great. The cafe sucks, but was not there for food. The band, and late movies in the front of the hotel was fun. If I would pick something to complain about would be price , parking and cafe. Didnt stop me from comming back. It was like a back yard party, with new friends to meet. Check it out. Not for Karens!!

"The art is great and not much else."
FamousOriginalBob, 06 Mars 2024

I wanted to like this place, I really did. Clearly a lot of thought went into the design, and that part definitely works. But there just aren't very many people for whom this place fits. Pros: --Very cool midcentury design and unique original artwork. --Fun games in the bar area like foosball, cornhole and jenga. --Only $15 per day for parking. (PAY IT if you want your car to still be there in the morning.) --On-site nouveau Mexican restaurant is very good (but see Cons, below) Cons: --Our room had no windows, other than the big one that looks onto the corridor people walk by regularly. So, no natural light or no privacy, your call. --Loud music until late. I mean LOUD, like the band is in the room with you. Who thought that motel and outdoor music venue were compatible uses? --Was charged $4.50 for a regular (decent, not great) cup of coffee. This should be free. --Food at restaurant was very expensive and prices were opaque. (When the chicken mole says "market price", watch out. Lesson learned.) --Service at the restaurant was atrocious. My date's food arrived easily 15 minutes before mine. I asked the server why and she gaslighted me. (She said the kitchen wanted to "bring the food out fresh" -- implying that I prefer cold stale food, when actually I just want to eat a meal as the same time as my date!) --Neighborhood is extremely dicey. As in, people sleeping on concrete and human excrement on the sidewalk half a block away. So basically, if you love funky establishments and have lots of cash but aren't too concerned about a good night's sleep, this is the place for you.

"Pick a lane: Bar/Venue or Hotel"
the_artnerd, 04 Mars 2024

I wanted to love this place. I was so excited after I booked it, but unfortunately it was not a great stay. I also want to say that all of the employees were very nice and tried to be helpful. I think a lot of the problems lie in the concept. Is it a hotel or is it a bar/venue? We came prepared with a stock of ear plugs and a white noise machine. It didn't do much good. I expected to be kept up a little later than usual, but I didn't expect to be woken up early the next morning by loud, thumpy music pumping through the speakers in the courtyard bar/venue music. If you're loud at night, it would be nice to have it be a little quieter in the morning. In addition, they didn't seem to soundproof during the renovation. The people above us sounded like a herd of elephants between 3-5 am every night we were there. I'm not sure what they were doing up there, but it was certainly loud. Request a top floor if you decide to brave a stay. Now for something good: The location is spectacular. We were there to see a show at the Van Buren and it was a quick walk to the venue. There were also a ton of great restaurants and bars in walking distance and downtown is very close. ANNND… back to a few more gripes: It was kind of gross. It wasn't filthy gross, but it didn't look as if it had been recently remodeled. There was dust everywhere, bits of plastic and paper trash on the floor, and the shower head was in dire need of de-calcification. Why do I have to unscrew the lightbulbs to turn the lights out? Seriously? No switch… If I pay between $250-270 a night for a hotel, I should not have to pay $4 for a cup of coffee in the morning. It's fine if the restaurant (the only source of coffee in the hotel) doesn't want to give the hotel guests free coffee, but the hotel should provide coffee for their guests. I mean: you've kept me up late, woken me up early, AND you're charging me $4 to get a cup of coffee (that I have to get dressed to fetch)?!?!?!?!? There should be a law against this sort of thing. While I'm on the subject: Paying the aforementioned price for a hotel should also guarantee that I don't have to wipe my butt with 80 grit sandpaper. Some decent toilet paper would go a long way. Fellow Travelers: If you think you might want a nightcap, be prepared and put something in the fridge in your room. The bar doesn't keep to its posted hours and the bartenders I had couldn't always make a decent cocktail. If you're a beer and a shot type, you'll probably be fine. If the bar is closed you can always treat yourself to a $15 can of barely drinkable wine from the restaurant… or a $4 cup of coffee. But hey, did I mention the location?

"Fun to place to stay"
Temwake K, 21 Février 2024

It was amazing for me as a music lover, the guitar where I enjoyed myself singing in my room with my roommate, I love the setting and the amenities provided. I stayed one night but that is the least of what I enjoyed the most. Thanks for hosting our team.

"Fun and Amazing"
erwin B, 21 Février 2024

I love the music vibes of the Hotel. And also the amenities like guitar, fridge, microwave, and water filter that most other hotel doesn't have. You all must try this hotel if you like to jam with your friend. Their guitar is great and very useful.

"Retro Vibes"
Charlene R, 19 Février 2024

This was an interesting hotel to stay at. Definitely a must for music lovers. Very retro and unique in its own way. Loved the music theme that was present throughout the room. If you love music and then it is a must that you should stay at the hotel

"Fun and amazing hotel"
Abiyasa G, 17 Février 2024

All amenities are awesome, and the hotel is very lively. The vibes are very chill and comfortable. The music vibes are unique, and they are really thoughtful with their music theme because there is a guitar in my room. They accommodate all guest's needs well;, even extra amenities such as a fire pit outside of the hotel.

"Fun vibe, but needs work"
Mobile62571688266, 13 Février 2024

The property is fun-- it has a very kitschy vibe. However, our room was not particularly clean. The blankets on the hooks near the bed had dried crusty things on them. No idea what that was. The refirgerator had food in it from the last guests. I know they were shortstaffed with only 2 housekeepers on site, but that is basic cleanliness.... There was no trash can in the bathroom- but there was one in another part of the room. I appreciate security lights on the property, because it was not the best part of town, but they need blackout curtains-- the light was shining directly onto our bed all night long. The place has potential, but not up to par quite yet.

Aseret A, 04 Janvier 2024

AMAZINGGGG experience, clean rooms and great friendly staff. Will definitely recommend. Comfy kitschy rooms and an excellent restaurant on site. If you are looking for a unique, fun and clean place to stay then look no further.

"Interesting motifs"
bosemandog, 14 Décembre 2023

The hotel is right in the middle of downtown Phoenix but didn't feel like you were in the middle of the city. The room we had was great - we loved how it was decorated. From what we understand all the rooms are different and that puts so much originality to the place. Great bar area to hang out in.

"Fun and good vibes "
Jessie D, 30 Novembre 2023

Love this hotel...it has everything in this little hidden gem of downtown PHX Bar=amazing and the staff too I am not a fan of swimming pools that's why their oasis water feature which is 18 inches of water with lounge chairs submerged is perfect to cool off in during the warm days of PHX I love events and meeting people they had so many events booked on my stay from comedy shows, live bands, DJs, and even do weddings and private catering events When I look for a hotel, I look for the fun things to do on property. Not somewhere I can get a good night rest...I'm on vacay so it better be a fun place and atmosphere! Rooms were fun and unique and the bunk beds are super comfortable too! Hands down the best place I've stayed at for awhile and staff super dope too!

"What a Fun Hotel. Great DJ line up day party."
704genek, 20 Novembre 2023

I was delightfully surprised by the Roosevelt Jawn event held on Saturday with a DJ line up including Scrath Bastid from Toronto, which ended at 10;30pm, and day party on Sunday featuring local @djchrisvilla that ended at 7:30pm. It was fun hanging out with guests and locals at the bar.

"Party Venue First, Motel a VERY Distant Second"
davidlM9679YO, 14 Novembre 2023

Arrived at the motel to find the entire front courtyard and most of the parking lot was a VERY loud dj party. I asked one of the many security people if this was normal and was assured that we were getting off easy and that the entire first weekend of December was Weed Weekend and that would make this seem tame. We enquired at the desk how long the party would be going on and were told 7:00. We figured if we went out for dinner it would be over when we got back. It was still going strong when we returned and ended at 8. The door and window of our unit were rattling violently from the music. After the party workers loud dismantling went on well after. The staff were all very nice but were obviously very proud of the way the place is operated. Motel customers are obviously a very distant second priority to party guests. I really can't believe this operation is a part of Best Western. We paid in advance and could not cancel without forfeiting our payment.

"Girls weekend "
Rachel B, 01 Octobre 2023

This Hotel is fantastic. It is a whole experience. Kai the manager is absolutely amazing and Jamie N. Was also great and gave excellent service. The entertainment was on point, the food was delicious and the rooms are comfortable and super fun.

"Unique Motel and Venue"
JFM G, 29 Septembre 2023

OMG, best motel ever in the Phoenix area. Super chill, lots of events on the weekends, live performances, concerts, great drinks at the bar, amazing food at the restaurant on the property, staff super friendly. I love how unique the property was and not "CORPORATISH" FEEL AT ALL. The events manager Jessica was so nice and friendly along with Kai the bar manager. Those 2 made our stay even more special. Hands down the best hotel / motel I've ever stayed in.

"Fun property, unique and tons of events,"
Jess M, 29 Septembre 2023

Hidden Gem this super cool, great vibes motel right downtown in Phoenix. Staff was excellent and very helpful. Love the lounge pool it was only 18 inches of water like a splash pool, and it was perfect for cooling off in the warm weather in PHX. I loved how they had events almost every weekend. I stayed for 3 weeks as my condo was being renovated. They had DJs, Concerts, Comedy Shows, vendors etc. The bar staff amazing and best cocktails ever. I have read many reviews on this place some awesome & some not so much, however if you go to their actual website and read about the motel before booking, then there shouldn't be one bad review when it comes to "noise" since it clearly states on their website that there are events weekly and noise until 11pm. They made me feel like family there and always making sure I was accommodated correctly. Chilte the restaurant on the property amazing food as well. Totally recommend this property especially for music lovers, and free-spirited individuals that just want to relax and let loose.

sdschmidt562, 11 Septembre 2023

Motel with adorable. The noise level in the evening from the DJs the movies and the rock band in till 2 AM was ridiculous. Whatever you're thinking multiply that by 50,000. I called down to the front desk at 11:30 asking when the band was going to stop. The room was shaking. My bones were shaking. I had a headache. It was unbelievable it was like being in the front row at a rock concert until 2 AM. The front desk said the band was scheduled to play until 2 AM. They offered me ear plugs. I was not told they would be live music until 2 AM. Add volume 1 million.

"It was a great surprise"
Joseph G, 28 Juin 2023

My son and I found this piece by mistake, I'm so happy that we did, the Rooms are so fun, it brought back so many great memories, oh and the quiche I had for breakfast was delicious I'm a great cook and I can't wake up tomorrow morning and have another slice, can't wait to come back for Angels spring training. I'll be staying here.

"Beware! No possibility of sleep before 2am every night."
Page J, 21 Mars 2023

Beware. Do not stay here if you wish to sleep before 2am. Every room in this 2-story motel opens to an outdoor bar and concert stage. Complete with metal truss and amps and speakers. This is newly renovated and intended to be a party hotel. The bass was so intense at times, it literally shook the door on the hinges. They have a live band or DJ scheduled every night of the week, and the music continues till 2am with a bouncer to admit crowds of outside guests. Management does NOT prioritize overnight guest experience. This should be advertised as a club/concert venue (with beds for those who wish to crash after partying at 2am). It should not be advertised as a hotel to unsuspecting visitors to Phoenix. To do so is fraudulent and misleading, stranding guests once they've already checked-in with no idea what they've signed-up for. We experienced two nights of an exhausting, horrible stay.

"Worse experience I ever had"
Jpulido0623, 19 Mars 2023

Live concert outside my door no iron available and people smoking and doing drugs. Definitely the worst experience I've ever had at a hotel. Had to sleep on the couch because I was giving some small bunk beds

"Amazing chic and retro place to stay"
Michael K, 12 Mars 2023

I came here for a convention at the Phoenix convention center and the retro style and decor were just amazing! They also have a spacious event venue with a nice cafe and bar lounge. It's very convenient to get to downtown phoenix as its less than a mile away. The large refrigerator is also very convenient and not always given at many hotels/motels.

"Terrible if you want to sleep"
Jody W, 03 Mars 2023

The music from the DJ was so loud we couldn't sleep. We checked out at midnight, after trying unsuccessfully to tune it out, impossible. And we had the room farthest from the bandstand, God only knows what it would have been like in the room right behind the bandstand, which is where they wanted to put us. If you are here to party you might like it, but we wanted a good night's sleep, which was impossible. We asked for our money back, which we have not received a month later, and calls to the manager go unreturned. Avoid like the plague if you are not a millennial or are tired. We had just gone to a funeral and were emotionally and physically exhausted, which made this experience especially painful.

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