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Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, Stockholm

Rasundavagen 1-3, 16967, Stockholm, Sweden - Siehe auf einer Karte
Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection - Suite Das Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection ist ideal in Stockholm Stadtzentrum zu finden. Erleben Sie ein schöner Aufenthalt in der Nähe von alle Sehenswurdigkeiten. Bestpreisgarantie und exklusive Angebote.

Willkommen im Gio!Am 1. April 2020 öffnet das Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection seine Türen – ein Treffpunkt für alle, die leben, speisen, Kontakte knüpfen und in einer herzlichen und entspannenden Umgebung arbeiten möchten. Im Gio können Sie kurze Zeit wohnen oder sich länger aufhalten, im Mama Gio richtig gut essen, auf der Terrasse bei einem Drink entspannen oder im Wohnzimmer arbeiten. Im Gio sind Sie Teil einer großen Familie. Im großen Wohnzimmer können Sie arbeiten oder sich mit Freunden treffen. Aus diesem Grund nennen wir Gio das „Social Hub Hotel“. Hier finden Sie auch Mama Gio, ein Restaurant, das aufrichtige Gastlichkeit und einfache, gut zubereitete Speisen bietet, die sehr, sehr gut schmecken. Die Atmosphäre der Zimmer im Gio erinnert an das Italien der 1950er Jahre. Die Standard-Doppelzimmer und die etwas größeren Zimmer sind ideal für Gäste, die ein wenig länger bleiben möchten oder immer wieder gern zurückkommen. Es gibt auch Familienzimmer, in denen die ganze Familie bequem Platz findet. Das Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection befindet sich direkt neben dem Hagapark, in dem Teile der königlichen Familie ihren Wohnsitz haben, und nur einen kurzen Fußweg entfernt finden Sie die Friends Arena, die Mall of Scandinavia und das Karolinska-Krankenhaus. Direkt vor dem Hotel befindet sich eine Bushaltestelle für Busse, die ins Stadtzentrum von Stockholm und zum Flughafen Arlanda fahren. Das Zentrum von Stockholm erreichen Sie in 12 Minuten und den Flughafen Arlanda in 40 Minuten. Im Wohnzimmer gibt es Platz zum Arbeiten, einfach zum Entspannen oder auch für ein Treffen mit Kollegen. Wir können Veranstaltungen für bis zu 150 Personen organisieren, haben aber auch kleinere Tagungsräume. Nach 60 Jahren, in denen Büroangestellte ein und aus gingen und Kunstwerke betrachteten, begrüßen wir jetzt die Gäste des Hotels Gio, BW Signature Collection.

BW Signature Collection

Hotel Gio




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    Kostenloses komplettes amerikanisches Frühstück
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    24 Stunden Rezeption 24
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"Good value hotel"

Seaside65053190745, Derbyshire, United Kingdom 19/03/2022

We had a great stay at this hotel. Good location, very pleasant eating and living areas, friendly and helpful staff, plentiful breakfasts! Easy access to and from Arlanda and in and out of Central Stockholm too. Would definitely stay again.


User 16/03/2022

I came to Stockholm from the UK for the Melodifestivalen final, so wanted a hotel close to the Friends Arena but also close to the city centre. Gio was in the perfect location - there is a bus stop right outside with frequent buses into central Stockholm. The lounge area has beautiful furniture and decor and is spotlessly clean. The breakfast buffet had a great variety of options, and the food was absolutely delicious. Staff were friendly, kind and professional. My room was lovely with a nice minibar selection. I was so pleased with this hotel that I did not want to leave it. Thank you Hotel Gio for being one of the reasons my trip to Stockholm was so perfect. I hope to see you again soon! Tusen tack!

Robert Magnusson, Försäljning at Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, responded to this review
Hello, Thank you so much for your kind words, we are so happy that you enjoyed your stay at Hotel Giò. Hope to see you back here soon! Regards, Robert, Commercial Manager

"Not save."

User 05/02/2022

I was travelling to Sweden for medical purposes and made a quick decision upon arrival after a long and taxing journey to stay at this Hotel for a few days while arrangements with hospitals were being made. While the rate was significantly higher then similar or better quality hotels and they also refused long term deals i kept extending for a few days because it appeared as i would maybe be admitted in a hospital soon. I did really not want to be going through too much hassle with the rather uncomfortable injury that i have. I ended up staying in their Hotel for a month, ate at the restaurant for significant amounts of money everyday. I neither drink or do drugs nor do i engage in any strange or unclean, loud or disturbing activities and i would best be described as a intelligent person who is a pleasant conversation but otherwise likes to keep to himself, so my stay was quite uneventful. The hotel itself is just your standard hotel, food is not bad but also not state of the art, it's clean, it has the standard nordic quality of decorations and such things, restaurants employees are decent human beings and it has a capitalistically nice front desk, but so do all the other hotels, etc. However, during my last day i became suddenly alot more injured. I notified my friend who called an ambulance who showed up and helped me. My situation was not IMMEDIATELY lifethreatening but required medical attention from a specialist ASAP, so we had to make the arrangements ourselves instead of a ER. This was in the afternoon, and my friend showed up at the same time. Due to my now more urgent situation and my need to get medical help right away, my friends and family immediately started working on making arrangements since i was somewhat very injured and sick, unable to get out of bed. However, the frontdesk called me at 11.30 before my 12.00 sceduled checkout the morning after. (I had been extending routinely and paying my minibar and restaurant bills every three days) They informed me that they would not be allowing me to extend my stay due to "worries about not being able to guarantee my safety" My friend went downstairs to speak to them to tell them that since my spine injury had escalated and i was not capable of moving or operating normally and we had to call my family and hospitals and make arrangements (find the right hospital, possibly arrange a air ambulance back to my country, get the right referral from my home countries doctors to the doctor here and arrange all the injured persons transportations etc) it would not be realistic to leave in 30 minutes. They told us very threatingly that "we had to 5 o'clock" As everyone knows things like these can take a few hours so while sweating his ass off my friend was barely able to arrange a transportation to a hospital which arrived few minutes after 5. The Front desk clerks and Executive producer where outside our door at 5 sharp with their arms crossed standing there ready to evict us. I asked them what the issue was and they said "You know why we are here." Like we had commited a crime against them by having a medical emergency while staying there. I asked them if i had done anything to them that warranted this type of behaviour which they replied "No" Too. I was getting mildly upset at them so my friend tried to buy us a few minutes to wait for the transport for injured persons. I was then strapped to a board by medical transfer crew and driven out meanwhile these people were asking my friend "do you have his card" to try to get payment in a middle of ambulance operation for some outstanding colas from the minibar and chocolates and two last nights of my 40 nights at full price or whatever. I am half indian and half icelandic. Nordic. Born in Denmark, my grandma is swedish. Half of the time i stay in the most priviledged of societies in the world. The other half i stay in the middle of the poorest children in the world. I have enough to not worry about money again and everything i have extra i give to them. Because i believe humanity is more important than having money. I also don't care about money, it is not important to me. While we view each other only in the light of if they benefit us financially or from a business perspective we become evil, lose our humanity and perspective and our decisions start to cause suffering to other humans and in the end, ourselves. Suffering creates violence inside of people and a sense of only ensuring ones own survival which contradictorally creates a world where everyone competes ruthlessly against each other for resources and leaves no room for the collective thinking needed to tackle the threats that now are becoming certain to kill us and our children, (global warming and overpopulation, growing tension between the rich elites and those below them etc) and noone survives. I for a instance work very hard on helping earth and the people here to intellectually grasp and understand how to change our societies to tackle the challenges ahead so we can both survive these threats and bring more prosperity. Now you cannot both run a hotel and do that. So if you happen to choose to make decisions that hurt me or could in theory kill me because you believe your duty on earth is only to your hotel you don't have anyone doing my job and will end up with no hotel or life yourself. In short, only thinking about your own interests will get yourself killed. This is the heart of human dencency. We realize that we should and need to treat others as equally important as ourselves because they are. It saddens me deeply to see people at this otherwise fine Hotel, Katarina at the front desk and her associates, lose their perspective so much that they believe human decency is only for those who you can benefit off. To be willing to compromise other people's wellbeing for your own perceived business interests. I have no idea who demanded this hotel guaranteed my safety from my own body, nor do i believe they are required to or responsible for any adverse health issues or events, nor did we have any plans of changing it to a emergency ward. We were leaving anyway ASAP in a max day or two because of the situation, and i don't believe they have done anything but profitted greatly of me, nor was any threat to their business involved. I have no idea if they are so concerned about my safety why they would use such violent conduct towards their guests who are having difficult health situations without any concern of their "safety." They directly went out of the way to make sure that their conduct was as uncomfortable and difficult as possible in a somewhat lifechanging emergency, when i was the most vunerable. It is hard to see how they benefitted from that, or what they would have lost by simply allowing me what small timeframe was needed for logistics to ensure save continuation of my journey in a dignified manner. I don't think such things makes anyone bad people, it appears to me like overpriviledged children who have never come to understand the importance of one's action, morality and the context of it in human societies to the rest of life that happens around them. It's what happens when we have no perspective beyond our strawlike vision on our own survival and by fixating upon it we cannot see that what appears beneficial to us is actually detrimentical to everyone. I don't hold no grudges because i believe they and we all are a product of the environment and have unconciously picked up what is prevailant in societies without questioning it, but since their attitude is likely to cause harm or suffering to whomever happens to have a difficult event in their hotel, i sincerely suggest that you turn your business elsewhere if your safety, human decency and ethical business practices are important to you. . You can have the most professional hotel and fantastic everything (this one is just standard) but if you don't treat people kindly and you are not safe there if something adverse happens, it's worthless to everyone else. Therefore this gets one star

Robert Magnusson, Försäljning at Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, responded to this review
We hope that you feel better and that you get the help and support you need. Please get in touch with us at

"The best in town"

196lisbethw, Hillerod, Denmark 23/10/2021

Gio hotel is the absolutely best. Everything is fantastic, from the rooms, to the breakfast buffet and not to mention the staff. Nice, smiling, helpful, service minded and the hospitality is superb. Public transportation is easy to take and easy to buy tickets with the Travis app.

Robert Magnusson, Marknadsföring at Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, responded to this review
Hello Lisbeth! Thank you so much for your wondferful review! I will make sure that everyone in the staff get to take part of your comments! I wish you welcome back to Giò soon again! Regards

"Love their lounge and its proximity to Haga Park"

Jenstockholm, Stockholm, Sweden 04/06/2021

Lovely lounge, with coffee facilities available all day. Clean everywhere. Got room with nice view and some goodies for my birthday. Good breakfast selection. Short walking distance to Hagaparken. There's a restaurant in the hotel. Good value for money. In terms of what I was not very fond of and it is a personal preference. I find the bed too soft for my taste. I do acknowledge it may be what most people like. So it is not a major issue.

Angelica Kommunikatör, Marknadsföring at Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, responded to this review
Hi Jens! Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. We count ourselves lucky for customers like you. We look forward to see you again in the future! Regards Angelica, Communicator

"Hotel Gio is at the top"

User 03/05/2021

Great hotel, wonderful and friendly staff. Excellent food. World class for this type of hotel. It is a genuine design hotel. The architecture is inspired by the Gió Ponti Pirelli building in Milan. The interior architecture is Italia art deco and 50s-60s.

Angelica Kommunikatör, Marknadsföring at Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, responded to this review
Hej Michael! Tusen tack för fina ord och höga betyg. Det värmer :-) Vi ser fram emot att se dig på Giò snart igen. Mvh Angelica, Kommunikatör

"Brand new and surprisingly nice"

JackPB66, Marco Island, Florida 28/09/2020

You don't know what to expect when entering the very modest front doors , but once inside a beautiful lobby and bar opens up. Being swiftly served by the outstanding staff, we got a pleasant double room with comfortable beds and great amenities. Especially the beautiful bespoke GIO toiletries with a very nice Italian fragrance . We also had a genuine Italian dinner at the restaurant and we had the best linguini vongole we've had outside of Italy. Returning to the United States early the next morning, the hotel is perfectly situated close to the highway and about 20 minutes away from the international terminal 5 at the Arlanda Airport.

Angelica Hellgren, Marknadsföring at Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, responded to this review
Hi Jack! Thank you for your review and for choosing our hotel :-) We are so happy that you enjoyed your stay and we are looking forward to having you again as a guest in our hotel. I will share your nice review with our team :D Kind regards Angelica, Communicator


User 20/09/2020

Do not book this hotel during the current pandemic. Our flights were cancelled due to COVID-19 and they refused to refund our stay. We booked a stay at this hotel on February 16th 2020, for a stay between June 5th 2020 and June 7th 2020 through However, on March 19th 2020 the Swedish government imposed a temporary ban on visitors from outside of the country due to COVID-19. This was initially applied for 30 days but was extended until August 31st 2020. To make matters worse, our outbound flight from the UK to Stockholm was cancelled before we were due to travel, and our inbound flight from Stockholm to the UK was cancelled too. All of this meant that we were unable to make it to the hotel. We explained this situation to But we were unable to get a refund because the hotel refused to allow it. All the hotel offered was a voucher which had to be used within 12 months, even though there was no guarantee that we would be able to travel by June 2021. We had 6 days to either accept the voucher or lose our money. We tried contacting and our bank but neither could help because the hotel chose not to refund its customers. There were no direct contact details for the hotel on their website either. In the end, we lost our money. We will never get it back. Do not book this hotel during the pandemic. They are not understanding and they do not care about customer service. Save yourself the stress and consider booking with a different chain hotel.

"Excellent expirience"

User 08/07/2020

I was in hotel as long stay guest due to a business. Everything is great. Service are excellent, rooms beautiful and comfortable. I felt like at home. Hotel is on the good position, near buss and train and big park is just across the hotel.

Angelica Hellgren, Marknadsföring at Hotel Gio, BW Signature Collection, responded to this review
Dear traveler. Thanks for your comments and for having selected our hotel. I'm happy that you enjoyed your stay and we hope to have you back soon as a guest of our hotel.

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