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Morbach, Allemagne






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Best Western Hotel St. Michael, Morbach

Bernkasteler Str. 3, 54497, Morbach, Allemagne - Vedi su una mappa
Best Western Hotel St. Michael - Area esterna Il Best Western Hotel St. Michael è situato nel centro di Morbach. L'hotel è vicino alle principali attrazioni turistiche. Approfittate tutto l'anno del miglior prezzo garantito e di offerte esclusive.

Il Best Western® Hotel St. Michael si trova presso la stazione termale di Morbach, nella suggestiva regione dell'Hunsruck, una delle regioni più belle della Germania. Questa zona offre una straordinaria bellezza naturale e panorami da favola, oltre a numerosi siti storici che potrai scoprire durante le tue escursioni. Natura e cultura si combinano anche nelle vicine zone dei vini dei fiumi Mosella e Nahe. Si tratta di mete suggestive che ti invitano a sognare: non ti annoierai mai grazie alla ricca proposta culturale e alle numerose opportunità per praticare attività sportive. L'Hunsrück è il luogo ideale per una vacanza all'insegna del relax. Inoltre, ci troviamo a soli 20 chilometri dall'aeroporto di Francoforte-Hahn, dunque è possibile accedere facilmente a collegamenti diretti per i voli internazionali.

Best Western

Hotel St. Michael




i vantaggi dell'hotel

  • Servizio auto di cortesia da e per l
    Servizio auto di cortesia da e per l'aeroporto 24 ore su 24.
  • Sala cocktail nelle vicinanze, entro 30 metri dalla hall dell
    Sala cocktail nelle vicinanze, entro 30 metri dalla hall dell'hotel
  • Parcheggio gratuito disponibile
    Parcheggio gratuito disponibile
  • Reception 24 ore su 24
    Reception 24 ore su 24
  • Cassaforte in camera
    Cassaforte in camera
  • Bagno turco a vapore/Sauna
    Bagno turco a vapore/Sauna
  • Centro fitness/Centro benessere
    Centro fitness/Centro benessere
  • Servizio in camera
    Servizio in camera
  • Personale multilingue
    Personale multilingue
  • Sala giochi disponibile.
    Sala giochi disponibile.
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"Front Desk staff/evening of January 9th, 2019"

User 12/01/2019

Messages are NOT being given to hotel guests. January 9th I attempted to get ahold of a hotel guest that I knew was in the hotel restaurant. When I asked if they could attempt to get the individual in the restaurant/bar the lady who answered the phone said there was nobody there and would transfer me to the room. The transfer to the room went straight to hotel VM. When I called back to ask to try and locate the guest I was told that if they were not in the room that they were therefore not on the property. I then asked to leave a msg at the front desk, which they said they took down but in fact never delivered to the hotel guest. And to be quite clear the call was an emergency and the guest was in the restaurant area at the time that I called. They lied and did not want to walk a few paces from the front desk to the restaurant/bar area to give the msg. This hotel was more family friendly a few years ago... the owner Michael was more proactive with overall customer delivery... it has gone downhill!

"Well.....where to start???"

User 18/11/2018

Stayed there several times, due to deaths in my German family in Morbach..Cannot say anything positive, other that "Joe"Joachim Rahn, who has been a lifetime friend reduced my room charges by 50 %.....Food was good, but only stayed because I was still accepted at the Stammtisch........Furwitz in Morbach is a better place.... .

"Home away from home"

michaelanchia2992, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 12/10/2018

Every time I make my way over to Morbach, St Michael's is my place of choice. Staff is friendly, breakfast is good, gym is up to par, rooms are big and spacious, and the area is close to anything and everything you need! I'll strongly recommend this hotel

"Some update, could be improved"

Jon C, Seattle, Washington 08/10/2018

Wrote a review back in 2017. This year seemed to have seen some changes, primarily in the breakfast dining area. Totally renovated, it has a fresh new look and is clean and bright. There's even a big screen TV with international news, rather than just domestic. Food items have been improved somewhat.....particularly the better coffee machines. Mostly the same fare though......not bad selection. The area that really needs to be improved is the fitness room. Equipment is really dated, and several of the treadmills are not working. They don't look there is evidence of perspiration drips all over them. Also lacking is a basket for soiled towels (which they do provide)… one is left wondering if one should take the towel back to one's room, and leave it for the housekeeping staff to pickup, OR leave it on the floor in the fitness room. Oh well ! The spa area is really dingy, with music blaring....but no one is there. Never explored it, but wondered if it was just left over from the 70s.

"dirty - not clean / NOISY"

Natalietjen, Flemish Brabant Province, Belgium 13/05/2018

Room was NOT clean on the floor. Second day : same. Third day NO CLEANING at all! No towelchange on second day. Very LOUD american flight-people, with no restrictions in their voice. - Slamming doors - every day at 1.15 someone has to move chairs in a room above you - dirty carpets nearly everywhere positief : a good shower

"Hahn layover "

kenurtz, Naples, Florida 13/04/2018

This is a very friendly property with a great staff. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is quaint. The proprietor is very visible and helpful. If you are in the area, this is a good place to visit and stay.

"Dated, needs to be refurbished more"

Jon C, Seattle, Washington 22/12/2017

Here for a couple of nights. While it is clean, there are several areas that need to thoroughly updated. Beds were comfy enough, but the pillows are an odd size....2' x 2'....who sleeps with these sized pillows ? giants ? The lighting in the room needs to be brighter. I've got ALL the lights on, and it's still dim. Maybe they're trying to save electricity with the smaller wattage bulbs. The heater is still of the old water pipes type....not electric. Thus, one does need to wait a bit before the room warms up, especially if it's really cold outside. The TV is in the corner, and does not tilt left/right nor up/down. So, it's really facing the far right side of the bed. Shower door does not fit properly, thus spray from the shower head keeps leaking out onto the floor. Luckily the towel drying rack is warm enough that the floor rug gets dry after a night. Phew ! Elevator only goes up to the 3rd floor, so be prepared to lug your bags up to the 4th floor. AND if your room is above 450 (if I recall), you have to access it from another part of the hotel. The fitness room is really dated, located next to the laundry and solarium (yay !) Machines are spaced closely together. No free weights, one machine, a bench press, and leg lifter. AND apparently, the door isn't locked, thus someone from outside could just come in through the gym. Breakfast isn't bad, cheeses and breads are good. Coffee machine produces good coffee. Overall, this facility is really like a patchwork design, growing with the times....

"Nice hotel"

CLJMG, Aschaffenburg, Germany 07/10/2017

On arriving and seeing the building I thought 'hmmm' but I was very surprised with the modern reception and nice rooms. This hotel is very popular with flight crews from the nearby Hahn Hotel and I struggle to get a room here but it is worth it when I do.


Rybh, Humble, Texas 04/09/2017

This hotel has made some really awesome updates. I love the new retro lobby and game room with the very large tv. The chairs in that room are so nice, I want some for my house. I spend a lot of time there and has really noticed the the nice improvements. The breakfast and 24/hour new coffeemaker in the lobby is also a wonderful perk.

"Arrived late starving served good hot meals !!!!"

Hugette C, New Orleans, Louisiana 17/05/2017

This is a small clean hotel recently renovated. It is in Morbach with lots of small restaurants and retail stores within walking distance. This hotel is family run and the owner is visible, and very friendly. There is a bar, washer dryer, tanning beds and gym. We arrived late starving and although we should have only had the late menu to choose our meal items we were allowed to choose from the regular menu and able to eat a very delicious meal after our travel from the USA and Drive from Frankfurt. The staff in the restaurant spoke very good English and the menu was in German with English translation. There is air conditioning in this hotel which is a plus for German Hotels in this area. It is in a safe neighborhood, with adequate parking. It is an excellent hotel with good service and food.

"Nice Hotel Excellent Service"

abc12345678993, Florida 15/04/2017

The hotel is located in Morbach, Germany. A nice little town near Frankfurt. The owner and his staff really go out of their way to provide good service. The hotel has a bar/restaurant. The food is good. They have both German and English menus. Every day there is also daily food specials. The bar is open all the time. You can get food at any hour but late evening/early morning the menu is limited. Breakfast is included with the room and is very good with long hours of service. The hotel was undergoing the last stages of a renovation when I stayed there. It should be finished by end of April.

"November-December 2013 Visit"

OrangeKate, Atlanta, Georgia 12/01/2017

We did stay at the St. Michael for most of our 12 day visit except for 2 nights in Rothenburg. We used the St. Michael as our base. When my husband flew for Atlas Air it was their base. It is a very comfortable hotel with an excellent breakfast. We were able to visit Christmas Markets along the Mosel and nearby Rhine even visiting Luxembourg (which was wonderful by the way). We are making plans for another Christmas Market trip this year arriving right after Thanksgiving and staying 12 days. Can't wait!

"St. Michael"

User 03/11/2016

Very nice , breakfast included , family owned , knowledgeable for sounding towns and tours . You can rent car or take buses to near by towns.Hotel is renovated and clean, friendly staff. Restaurant is nice , great spaghetti ??

"Hahn layover, 10/10/2016"

kenurtz, Naples, Florida 10/10/2016

This is an excellent property in a small German village 45 minutes from Trier and 1.3 hours from Frankfurt. The hotel is a small family property with multi-lingual staff, an excellent bar and restaurant and centrally located in the village. There are great trails through the woods and countryside to walk or ride bicycles. The staff very helpful and friendly. Washer and dryer on the property.

"Nothing Spectacular!"

Neil M, Crawley, United Kingdom 18/03/2016

Hotel is based in and old building in the middle of Morbach and is a family run hotel, all the staff are multi-lingual and are friendly. I believe soon they are making it into a Best Western franchise hotel. The room I stayed in was large enough for 2 people, twin bed, small bathroom with shower (shower head needed de-scaling!),wardrobe, small desk and TV. Beds are comfortable but walls are thin and you can hear your neighbour talking and they are taking a shower you can hear the extractor fan from the bathroom. Hotel is full of American flight crew, and you can't miss them because your likely to be told!! Breakfast is ok...v.crispy bacon, meatballs,chicken wings, beans(erk!) etc and a wide range of cereals and teas. Hotel has sun beds and a sauna on site. It fairly clean but needs more attention to detail. Hotel is a bit of a maze with rooms in various wings of hotel.

"Only dinner"

Esther B, Elst 09/02/2016

We've had only dinner here. We dus not sleep there. Fast and good service. Chickenbreast and hamburgers. The Fries are delicious. The restaurant has a German ambiance. I realy can recommand this place.

"ok hotel"

User 23/10/2015

not a bad hotel for the area,In the centre of the town,and about 20min drive to hahn airport.If you have to stay a night the town is ok as at the airport there is only a small town with not much in it,

"Family owned & staff loves crews"

Christopher A, Atlanta, Georgia, United States 19/10/2015

St. Michael is great. The owner "Michael" goes out of his way to make sure the airline/charter crews are comfortable and fed at any hour. Breakfast is great (free for us), and is out early if there is a crew leaving super early in the morning. If it's too early for breakfast, Michael always puts out coffee and pastries. The restaurant serves food and BEER around the clock (except during breakfast which is served in the dining room). I always have a lot of fun when I come here with my crews. The wifi is a bit weak and it's hit-or-miss depending on your location in the hotel, but it's free. the food is AWESOME! The beer is even better! The building is old so the elevator is a bit rickety. The rooms are more spacious than you'd think and the beds are comfy enough. They're euro-style twin beds, so you have to push them together. Most common complaints I've heard are of the shower drains being clogged, which is an easy fix (if reported). Thumbs up for Michael!!!

"Layover hotel"

travelermanPhoenix, Avondale, Arizona 21/07/2014

I've known Michael for over a year now. He's always there to greet the crews when we come in most of the time. He has bicycles we can use to go places around the area. If were going out late he puts food out for the crew along with coffee & Ice Water. He goes out of his way to try to help if we have a request. Morbach is a neat little town to explore.

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