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Best Western Premier Hotel Sakarya, Sakarya

Erenler mah. Sakarya cad. No:228, 54200, Sakarya, Turkey - Voir sur une carte
Best Western Premier Sakarya - Vue du lobby Best Western Premier Sakarya est idéalement situé dans le centre de Sakarya. Venez découvrir et profiter de notre hôtel à côté des principaux sites touristiques. Réservation au meilleur prix et offres exclusives toute l'année.

Le Best Western Premier® Sakarya est situé dans le centre du quartier des affaires de Sakarya. En outre, sa situation au nord-est de Marmara permet d'accéder en 15 à 30 minutes à de nombreux sites touristiques, dont Sapanca, à 18 kilomètres, Karasu, à 35 kilomètres et la station de ski de Kartepe, à 40 kilomètres. Les salles de conférence et de réunion modernes du Best Western Premier® Sakarya sont situées au cœur de Sakarya. Cette proximité avec le centre-ville fait de notre établissement un lieu idéal pour accueillir vos réunion d'affaires. Le Best Western Premier® Sakarya est équipé des technologies de pointe et d'un total de sept salles de réunion modernes. Son équipe, d'un grand professionnalisme, offre un service de qualité lors des conférences, réceptions de mariage, réunions, ateliers et autres événements d'entreprise. En outre, notre salle de bal spacieuse et d'une belle hauteur de plafond offre un espace de 840 mètres carrés, avec une capacité de 600 personnes. Elle est idéale pour accueillir vos événements spéciaux. Notre petit déjeuner, copieux et parfaitement préparé, allie des éléments de cuisine turque traditionnelle, moderne et internationale afin de ravir les papilles de tous nos convives. Le déjeuner, le dîner et un goûter dînatoire sont servis dans notre restaurant, tandis que nos bars sont ouverts jusque tard dans la nuit. Vous attendez d'un restaurant qu'il offre un cadre et une ambiance exceptionnels, de l'excellente musique et un service haut de gamme ? C'est ce que vous trouverez au pub gastronomique du Best Western Premier® Sakarya. Le Best Western Premier® Sakarya vous invite à découvrir cet établissement exceptionnel et son excellent service.

Best Western Premier

Hotel Sakarya

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Les points forts de l'hôtel

  • Internet haut débit gratuit
    Internet haut débit gratuit
  •  Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Air conditionné
    Air conditionné
  • Parking gratuit
    Parking gratuit
  • Parking extérieur
    Parking extérieur
  • Réception 24 heures sur 24
    Réception 24 heures sur 24
  • Coffre-fort
  • Bain à remous
    Bain à remous
  • Services de massage
    Services de massage
  • Personnel multilingue
    Personnel multilingue
  • Blanchisserie sur place
    Blanchisserie sur place
  • Voiturier
  • Salle de jeux
    Salle de jeux
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"Good hotel bad area"

User 02/07/2019

If you have a car , you can stay in this hotel. The area is not tourist area. Sakarya is near Sapanka and Sakarya has two nice malls. But the hotel is good and kind staff. Has nice breakfast , smoking rooms, Hammam and gym.

"The best in Sakarya "

Mushreq, Al-Rayyan, Qatar 27/05/2019

Very quite hotel, excellent location, friendly staff, very good breakfast buffet the room is comfortable with coffee making facilities and had excellent view, bathroom is clean containing all the equipment you box in the room is not working..

"Not enough good for a five star hotel."

busytravel1919, Ankara, Turkey 04/03/2019

Bed is not comfortable. They combine two single bed base for a double bed. But connection point of these two single base is very disturbing. All your back aches next morning. Staff is not good and kind. They don't connect phone to your room from outcalls, but not always, sometimes. They say that it is a hotel rule. But if it is a rule all staff should follow it. But they do it sometimes. Also, when you request somethings, they say okay but they dont do it if you dont remind it mininum 2-3 times. Breakfast is not good. Breakfast variety is not good. Everyday same foods but not delicious. Also they are using non smoking rooms for smoking customers.

"good place"

hussainhasaan, Manama, Bahrain 25/06/2018

Nice hotel, with great staff. i reserved their for two nights, they actually allowed me to take breakfast for free for the first day when i check in. It's located 30 km from Maşukiye but only one problem the WIFI was unsteady always connected and disconnected with low speed. But overall it's worth every single Lira and more.


User 02/06/2018

I would like to thank therapist name Yaya for raflexology Massaj and of course the traditional Turkish bath was amazing I will advise people to try Dreamspa very relaxing ,worm place and friendly staff Going to Istanbul I will try there branch ????


besoosalshahery, Los Angeles, California 30/05/2018

I would like to thank Dreamspa for there hospitality and smiling faces it was nice experience. I had best Bali massage ever with therapist name Ayu and traditional Turkish bath For sure I will come back again spacialy the prices very reasonable

"Nicely Rejuvenated"

Muchtravelled1, London, United Kingdom 08/05/2018

I had stayed in this hotel a few years ago, but with a change of allegiance, and a rejuvenation programme behind it, and still retaining the basic good size and style, it has a fresher, brighter feel. Reception was efficient, room was not particularly large, but quite adequate for my needs on a 2 night stay. All fittings functioned fine. The bed was comfortable, and I slept well. My room faced the front of the hotel, and while there is nothing much to look at an unexpected find was the sound of the Calling to Pray. Now the double glazed windows do a very good job in blocking this out, but, if you leave the window open at night, you can get an unexpected 05:30 wake up call. The hotel has a comfortable bar and evening restaurant attached. I did not eat there so cannot comment on the food. There is also a gym and a pool. Breakfast is served in a large breakfast room and has a wide selection to suit most taste/nationalities. I can say little bad about this hotel. It is one I would stay at again.

"Currently beeing remodeled, so restricted conclusion"

AndreasR34U, Krefeld, Germany 26/02/2018

Wow, we were impressed when we came into the hotel. Very nice lobby, all new and remodeled. The second view was not the one we expected. getting out of the elevators we saw painters, wall paper hanging, smell to fresh paint. Walked through a relatively dark aisle to our rooms, and found ourselves in quite small rooms. Twin beds, little desk, chair, small bathroom. At least the TV program was OK. Looking out of the window we faced directly on to a gas station. Not only this ugly view, but also the smell coming from there was not nice, so you had to keep your windows closed over night. The breakfast was OK, good choices, and almost everything available. Service there was though quite slow. Coffee had to be ordered, and it took them about 10 minutes to realize that we were sitting there new - and almost next to the counter. And friendliness is something different.

"Not that great"

Sar1981, Portsmouth, United Kingdom 10/01/2018

After an 8 day stay at this hotel we were somewhat unimpressed, our 1st nights stay was poor because the air con was buzzing constantly all night long so we were moved rooms the following day after talking with reception. Then the next few nights we were kept awake with loud noise from the rooms next door as the walls were so thin! We asked about moving rooms but was told they would all be the same so we had to stay put :( I was so glad I took ear plugs with me they came in very handy the whole time! Couldn't fault the hotel staff tho. Very helpful and friendly. Such a shame the smoking was allowed in the David People restaurant as it was unbearable as a non smoker :( and we could only manage one quick drink before we were choking on every ones smoke. As for the spa well we thought they were nice staff but after an incident I was completely shocked, when my partner was using a cotton bud and the end came off inside his ear he had pain they recommended seeing a doctor as they only had a first aider in the hotel one day a week. The hotel staff were amazing and drove us to a local private hospital where it was found that luckily the cotton had all came out when the doctor checked but it was sore inside from the tip having no cotton on the end, He had to pay 140L On getting back to the hotel the staff said the spa was rented out and to take it up with them about there cheap products that caused this problem. Well their response was dam right rude! They accused him of making it all up and wouldn't pay back any money. To say we were disgusted by this attitude is an understatement! So for that reason we would unfortunately not recommend this place nor would we ever come back.

"Unfortunately I have to re- valuate the Best Western Sakarya"

User 21/12/2017

Mr. Hazem (see Report below of September 14), you are the lucky one of us - because we (several peoples from our Company) got completely ignored by the GM. You were fully right with your valuation. We realized that during our last long stay. Here my Report (for which we also got no answer from BW): Unfortunately I have to value the Best Western Sakarya once again – because due to my 2 month long stay in this hotel I had to overthink my previous valuation (Good price-performance ratio), respectively to correct it. All what I said in my last valuation is actually true – but the real problem is not the service stuff – but the Management (not the young manager in the restaurant, he's a good one - but the old ignoring ones, which can't even greet, resp. say hello, although you meet them daily – because these … are too arrogant for that). Of course there are a few people working in the service which are highly uneducated – but this is bearable because they are at least kindly. No, it's not the service, it's the management which is not controlling that the stuff carries out at least some basic-conditions, e.g. strict observance that tables will be cleaned after Lunch or Dinner, that rooms will be cleaned daily, that the mini bar will be filled daily, that the stuff from time to time look for the guests and ask them whether they need another drink…or whatever, etc. For example: I know why my room often was not cleaned. Best Western will think it's my fault. The truth is – that especially the problem occurs at the weekends. Then I come at 3pm from work – and the room is not cleaned. So I go into my dirty bed surrounded by old food from the day before and try to sleep for a while. At 4pm they wake me usually up and want clean the room – but I refuse. Same on Sundays…. But enough of those minor problems which I mentioned in my previous valuation already. A bit too much was the story with the raw chicken meat in September until beginning of October. It happened to me and other guests too – that we ordered chicken – and whilst we were eating we found that the meat was still raw inside. I do not write this because it happened once or twice – no, - it was standard. When we complained to the management verbally and in written form – we got ignored – and the problem happened again and again. The ones which will read my valuation may believe it or not, but after several complaints – as I said in verbal and written form – the waiter was arguing with us: “It's our fault because we did not order it well done”. Here everyone with Knowledges in the Gastronomy can easily understand that they have no education because they don't know the risk for health due to raw chicken meat, respectively the difference between steak and chicken. Due to the ignorance of the Best Western Hotel Management – we asked help from a local doctor to call the hotel and to explain to them how dangerous it is to eat raw chicken meat. From that time on the problem disappeared. But I like to mention another 2 problems: 1st: There was one day when we (several long staying guests) came from work and we were not allowed to enter the restaurant by the security stuff because they had a private party. So I went into the breakfast room. But also there we were not allowed to stay. So I asked the manager whether they have another small room for us or if we can sit outsid: His answer was: “Please go to your room Sir” – whilst he was showing me with his hands the way to the elevator. I tried it again, and asked for a small room (there was one in 1st floor) but he said a bit stronger: “ Sir – you see we have many guests today – please go to your room”! With this answer we all became aware that long staying guests for the Best western are not considered as guests. We went to our room and ordered food – and as usual we got the wrong food due to missing English knowledge of the restaurant stuff. And we got a nice bonus for the night: Their private party was so loud that we could not sleep. 2nd: Just these days before one of our colleagues left – he smelled gas in his room. So he called the manager and told about. The manager said: “Tomorrow morning we check” – and my friend said: No – it's so strong, please give me another room and please check! But the manager continued: Today no! We check tomorrow. My colleague opened door and windows and went down to the restaurant. There he got not served within the first 20 minutes. Ok, when he returned the smell was gone – and most likely it came from outside. But who knows that? Will they in case of fire also say “we check tomorrow”? Finally I like to end this small report with some quotes of the reception stuff: - Today I can't give you a bill because our computer does not work… (Weekly twice) - The answer to a request to switch on the AC: “sorry Sir…every system is a hot system..” - The answer to my question why the cooker for the eggs (breakfast) hides often inside the kitchen – so I have to go into the kitchen and search for him when I want an egg: “Sir, one day egg – one day no egg” – and after I asked him “truly?” – he said – “yes Sir – one day egg – one day no egg – that's it!” (That was by the way the guy who said “every system is a hot system” - …”when you want chicken well done…, you must order well done”… - A waiter (after we were not served for more than 40 minutes) whilst 3 waiters served the table beside us continuously (there were eating their bosses/the hotel and restaurant managers) when we loudly asked to serve our table too: “Sir look…we are busy…wait a moment…” (we finally went this day to the reception and ordered there) So, there is not everything bad, respectively they have still a good price ratio performance and above listed problems happen not all daily, but some of them. There are also good managers – but the minority. There are also good waiters – but the minority (they got a new one in the beginning of October (3) I think…, and we even sent them a mail (October 4) in which we said “thank you” for this guy because he was the first one who treated us normal, e.g. he cleaned the table after dinner and asks whether we want something else. If you want a bill in this Hotel: Plan 2 days for that. Just last Saturday I paid - but got no bill. The manager at the reception asked me to wait. So I wait. I wait until next Monday evening about 54 hours - no bill. So I asked again for my bill. The manager said: "Please wait a moment" - and I wait. I wait and wait. Finally I got it - but I had to fight for. Finally I checked out. I had -if you believe or not- 4 days to fight to get an Invoice - and finaI I still get 200TL from them (invoice wrong, but I got no Money reimbursed). I guarantee/swear that all my Statements are true - and can be witnessed by other employees of my company if necessary. Thome

"Good price-performance ratio"

Joachim T, Hong Kong, China 18/09/2017

Good: Breakfast. rooms, cleanliness, food, facilities (sport, wellness) Bad: Service (the waiters are partly not interested in serving guests, 1st waiting for service, then waiting for beer, then waiting for bill - that will take together in the average more than 30 minutes), Menu not in English

"Looks can be deceiving"

Hazem R, Qatar 14/09/2017

My first impression was very good because of the lady at the front desk who received me and my wife and the young man working with her. However, I came to find out that this property lacks the basics in management skills. I will certainly not stay there again during my next visit. It does not deserve to be rated more than a 3-star. The hotel does not even have a sign with its name leading to it. We passed by it twice before we recognised that it a hotel and that it was our hotel. We could not sleep from the sound of the TV in the room next to us and I had to call the front desk 4 times before they went to the room and requested the guest to reduce the sound of the TV which he did not. I called them twice after that and they promised to make the manager on duty do something about it. The sound was not reduced enough, and by that time they stopped answering the phone which forced me to go down to the front desk and speak to the manager on duty who came to my room and when she heard the sound she thought it was not high enough to disturb me and my wife. Me and my wife had to shift the bed to the opposite wall to avoid hearing the sound and try to sleep. I took pictures of this for the management to see. The following day I spoke to the GM assistant, who apologised and agreed with me that so long as the guest can hear the sound of the TV from the next room, then it is a disturbance. I showed her the pictures of the bed in its new position. On the second day, housekeeping did not make the bed, did not refill the tea, coffee, water when they came to clean the room and they only cleaned the bathroom, and placed the sheet and the blac]ncket on the bed and left. Again I showed this to the Assistant GM. She decided to upgrade us to a suit4e in order to convince us not to check out, which had a very filthy towel which I took and went down and showed to her. This was supposed to be an upgrade and we became very disappointed. I had paid all the five nights in advance and requested her to refund me the night which we could not sleep until very late because of their poor handling of the sound issue. The only thing she did was the upgrade, and when I told her that this was just to convince us to stay and does not make up for the sleepless night we paid money for, but she and her GM stubbornly refused. If there were other hotels available in the area I would have left but had no choice but to stay. On the third day, again housekeeping did not refill the tea, coffee, water when they came to clean the room and they only cleaned the bathroom. However, this time they even failed to refill soap, tooth paste tooth brush and replace only some of the towels and not all of them. All of this was being updated to the assistant GM.

"Very friendly & comfortable"

ayedq8, ???? ?????? 31/07/2017

Its a very nice new hotel in middle of town with a very helpful staff and nice and comfy rooms and the value for money is great. Its not far away from lake sapanca and the lovely seens around the area..i would recommend this new hotel more than old ones around the lake if you have your own carThank you. Ayed

"A good hotel to stay in sakarya "

User 16/07/2017

The best hotel in sakarya to have a relaxing and comforted trip while you are staying in Turkey, The best thing about the rooms is the size of the room. The breakfast was very good and also the view of the hotel. Theres a spa, gym, and a swimming pool which the children can have fun there

"Excellent stay. Real value for money"

Hazem H, Cairo, Egypt 02/07/2017

Staff was trying to make anything possible to help guests. Hotel is luxurious although its more oriented for business travelers. I was on a family trip and was searching for a hotel in Sakarya to spend the night, but after we checked in, the kids loved it so much and we extended another night, went on a tour to Lake Abant and came back at the end of the day. Rate I've got through was much less than through the BestWestern site. Real value for money. My only comments were: 1) Internet connection although was very fast, but kept on dropping every now and then leaving you without data for couple of minutes. 2) Nothing at the outside that says what hotel it is. No sign! I found it using the GPS and even when arrived and stopped in front of it had to ask the outside security if this is the Hotel, but the receptionist replied that the sign will be ready in a month

"The best hotel I have stayed with in Sakarya."

ClaireCooper5408, St. Neots, United Kingdom 16/06/2017

I have stayed in many hotels in the Sakarya area, all of which I would class as mediocre to OK. The Best Western Premier exceed all my expectations from service, cleanliness and quality of the room. The staff could not have been more helpful - in fact the opposite is true - at no point did I ever have less than 2-3 people trying to accommodate a request (dumb action on my part resulted in the hotel running around trying to find me a 3 pin adaptor :) this is just one example of the "Nothing is too much trouble" approach I experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, at a price point which I would have expected to pay much more for (even though the business pays my expenses :) I am planning to return to Turkey (outside of business) with the wife and family - this is my hotel of choice. In summary: * Great room * Very helpful staff * Excellent service * Fantastic price point for the quality food I received (Room service). P.S Highly recommend the cheese burger! and I drank the mini bar dry (of soft drinks for under 10 pounds!). A big thank you to the staff that made my stay very enjoyable and relaxing - see you on my next trip in 2 weeks!

"My Recent Stay in BW Premier SAKARYA"

gregoryriachi, Farwaniya, Kuwait 18/05/2017

If you are thinking of checking in the Best Western Hotel Sakarya: DONT ! I have never seen such a bad service in my life. For starters no one speaks English.. After struggling to order a simple omelet using Google translate you wait for an eternity to finally have it delivered by a staff member who reeks from BO. Housekeeping service is rude and doesn't respect your privacy, and wants to impose their own cleaning schedule on the guest ! The clothes you clean using their laundry comes back shrunk and sometimes wet. There is no room service available in the late hours of the night, so if you plan on getting hungry at 1 AM.. don't :) Prior to writing this review, I have raised all these concerns, and many more to the hotel management several times in vain. The staff is untrained, unprofessional and some of them plain rude.

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