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Best Western Plus Hotel Enugu, Enugu

Plot 607 Nza Street, Independence layout, 234, Enugu, Nigeria - Voir sur une carte
Best Western Plus Enugu est idéalement situé dans le centre de Enugu. Venez découvrir et profiter de notre hôtel à côté des principaux sites touristiques. Réservation au meilleur prix et offres exclusives toute l'année.

Unique et fascinant, le Best Western Hotel Plus Enugu offre aux touristes et aux voyageurs d'affaires une expérience enrichissante et dynamique. Notre excellente situation vous permet d'explorer aisément notre merveilleuse ville et de vous déplacer facilement. Nous nous trouvons au cœur d’Enugu, à 15 minutes en voiture de l'aéroport international Akanu Ibiam. Superbement conçu, l’hôtel dispose d'un mobilier moderne, affiche un style à la fois élégant et simple et répond aux besoins de tous les clients. Détendez-vous dans l'une de nos 72 suites et chambres Executive dotées d’excellents équipements, qui comprennent pour la plupart un balcon privé donnant sur la belle ville d’Enugu. Vous pourrez facilement organiser un événement dans notre établissement. Les nouvelles créations exceptionnelles de notre chef cuisinier, composées de plats continentaux et africains, rivalisent avec les meilleurs restaurants de la ville. Notre spécialiste conférence et restauration vous aidera à concevoir le congrès ou le séminaire parfait. Grâce à l’équipement audiovisuel dernier cri et à l’accès Internet sans fil dans toutes nos salles de réunion, les seules limites seront celles de votre imagination. Laissez-vous surprendre par la cuisine de notre restaurant situé au rez-de-chaussée. Il propose un menu très riche, comprenant des plats à la fois classiques et contemporains et d’excellents vins, agrémenté d’un service agréable, dans un cadre confortable et paisible. Si vous souhaitez vous relaxer, le Best Western Plus Enugu propose divers équipements pour détendre votre corps et votre esprit. Nos installations sportives de pointe et notre piscine de luxe viennent compléter notre hôtel ultramoderne.

Best Western Plus

Hotel Enugu

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Les points forts de l'hôtel

  • Internet haut débit gratuit
    Internet haut débit gratuit
  •  Restaurant
  • Petit déjeuner américain complet gratuit
    Petit déjeuner américain complet gratuit
  • Spa
  • Navette aéroport gratuite
    Navette aéroport gratuite
  • Air conditionné
    Air conditionné
  • Parking gratuit
    Parking gratuit
  • Parking extérieur
    Parking extérieur
  • Réception 24 heures sur 24
    Réception 24 heures sur 24
  • Coffre-fort
  • Services de massage
    Services de massage
  • Personnel multilingue
    Personnel multilingue
  • Blanchisserie sur place
    Blanchisserie sur place
  • Casino
  • Discothèque
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"It's always a pleasure to stay at Best Western plus Enugu"

Afamafamefuna, Port Harcourt, Nigeria 18/10/2019

Best Western plus Enugu has a cool and opulent ambience. It feels at home; the rooms are very spacious and perfectly decorated... always clean. The breakfast is the best part. It's a destination very fitting for a holiday getaway, and well located for a business travel. It's at centre of town yet maintains a tranquil atmosphere. If you are interested in local dishes, you won't be disappointed with the different Nigerian soups. Beside the hotel is a local bar where one can hangout and enjoy other local delicacies and wine. Additionally, the hotel has an in house barber's shop, spa, boutique and shop. And for a guest who enjoys clubbing, there's a club that opens on weekends. Best Western plus Enugu is a total package and I will always recommend it to anyone looking for a hotel that makes a great impression!

"One of the best hotels in Independence Layout Enugu"

Damian U, Lagos, Nigeria 21/06/2019

Lets give it to them; There is a welcoming ambience at the reception and the layout of the scene that welcomes you when you get inside is commendable; Very neat inside; the two elevators make climbing up and down easier although they are so small that it may not take 4 big persons at once. Quality and array of foods is good and staff are courteous. However the room we stayed on the 2nd floor was so small that you can barely find a small space to dress up. But although the room is small, it is comfortable with an android TV for comfort. There is also complimentary tean and coffee and water. What i dont like is the approach from the gate. Looked quite unkempt ie the car park and drive in. It can discourage you from going inside

"Gilded Tombs do worms unfold"

User 17/03/2019

my room was very large but was not tastefully appointed. This is a poor version of the Ibadan franchise even though it boasts more space. the landscape is yet to be completed. the grounds are dusty and in poor taste. it is a new facility; all the more reason it should have been properly finished or perhaps it is yet to happen. The worst part of being in this hotel is the food. the breakfast is consistently horrible. the cooking is bad, period. unfortunately the hotel staff are blissfully oblivious of this serious shortcoming, often swaggering like they have stuff under control. i spent four nights and five days in this hotel. at 8am, they are out of food and no resupply is forthcoming. the food is not stored in warmers and is often cold and unappetizing. i was horrified that the dishes are not wiped. wet dishes are placed on the server for guests to use. this happened all through. i had to complain to one of the staff who appeared unperturbed. the restaurant is the weakest link in this facility. this is probably the best facility in Enugu yet delivers so much below its potential. i sincerely wish that they raise their game because luxury hotel options are very limited in Enugu. the staff could be better trained.

"Horrible service, worst hotel in Enugu!!"

christopher_codd, Basel, Switzerland 29/12/2018

This hotel has to be one of the worst hotels I have stayed in to date. We have stayed here 2 times and both times were horrendous and overall very poor experience. Check in was slow. It took us a while each time for us to check in. The rooms were “modern” so to speak which is the only reason this hotel is getting one star otherwise I would give this establishment zero stars if possible. Let's start with the bathrooms. The shower's water pressure is good, but there is no, and I mean NO HOT WATER to be found anywhere. If you want to take a shower, you have to take a cold shower or deodorise yourself until you get to a better accommodation. The rooms constantly smell like burning kerosene and smoke, which has made me sick on multiple occasions. The only way you can avoid the smell is if you activate the air condition. Minibar is non existent. There is just a fridge with nothing in it. The sofa in the room has multiple stains which are all disgusting and very visible. There's a plug in the room that sparks when turned on which could become a fire hazard. Lamps are non functional and there are lightbulbs missing as you'll find in pictures below. Hole in the walls. Next let's go to the hotel facilities. The hallways and restaurant had this annoying, haunted Christmas Music which sounded like something out of The Shining. The hotel facilities were decent and well-air conditioned for the most part. The public bathrooms near the restaurant area were an abomination. The bathrooms reeked of feces and the urinal flush button would leak water. There was no soap in the bathroom so you just rinsed your hands with water and called it a day. I had to plug in the hand dryer myself for it to get it to work as it was unplugged. The restaurant has a weird smell to it and was very cold. The outside pool area was probably the only nice part of the hotel. The poolside service was decent as well as the drinks. The only downside is someone had broken their two front teeth in the pool, leading to the pool being evacuated, but of course this isn't the hotels fault. The service is something that I have never, ever seen before. I have traveled to many different countries and have lodged in many different hotels, but never have I EVER experienced service that is just so abysmal and abhorrent. Let's start with the restaurant service. The staff in the restaurant clearly are incompetent, inexperienced and not trained in how to appropriately handle customer service. The waiter asked us for our order without giving us menus. Once he had given us the menu, taken our orders, and gone to the kitchen, it had to be at least 3 HOURS for them to get all of our food on the table and correct. The waiter that had attended us clearly was incapable in taking down an order and getting it right, as all of the orders had been incorrect, given to the wrong people or just never showed up. The food takes forever and no one really seems to care if you are hungry and you have little kids that are starving and need to eat. Horrible and frustrating. I have even ordered food 4 HOURS in advance so by the time we are ready to come down to the restaurant the food is ready. No no no. By the time we got there they said that the food was not ready. Absolutely ridiculous. If you want to eat at the restaurant, give yourself a time block of about 3hrs and the food takes unnecessarily long. Room service is also another experience in itself. From the time I had called was 9:30PM, and by the time I got my food was 12:30AM (the next day). When I called at 9:30PM, they had informed me that our food would take 1 hour. We said “Ok, great, we can wait that long” which was already a quite ridiculous amount of time for the little and very simple food we had ordered. I had called back at 10:30PM asking about the whereabouts of our food. They had told us “Oh I don't know, let me check with the kitchen and get back to you” and hung up. It took them around 20 minutes for them to call us back. They had called us back informing us that “The food is still in progress” at around 10:50PM. At that point we were debating cancelling our order or not. Another hour goes by and it's now 11:50PM. I call them back, and it's the same story. “the food is underway”. At that point, I didn't know what to believe anymore. At around 12:30 AM (40mins later) we had FINALLY gotten our food. Mind you, we only ordered 3 plates of fries with ketchup, 2 plates of jollof rice with chicken, and 1 plate of fish and chips. If I would have cooked all of it myself, I don't think it would take over 3 hours. They brought the food and the drinks separately, so we had to wait another 5 minutes for the drinks to come. We had ordered 2 cokes and 3 sprites. Only 2 cokes showed up. I had asked “Where's the sprite?” He had said “Oh” and went back downstairs to get it which took about 10 minutes, only to return with 2 spites. We had asked if we were charged for 3 sprites as we only received 2. The waiter said “No, you'll only get charged for what's here”. We had said “Ok, but could you check the receipt to see if there is a 3rd sprite as we are pretty sure that we ordered 3”. He had replied “No, I don't have the receipt it's already signed”. It was already late so we didn't want to quarrel with him so we let it go. Food was decent minus some people finding hair in the food which was disappointing. The whole dining situation is just abysmal. You will be constantly disappointed as 80% of what's on the menu does not exist, so you will have to have a plan B if your desired dish is unavailable. Sometimes, they don't even have the simplest things such as Okra, Goat Meat and Fish. The absolute bare minimum is unavailable. Sometimes it would be as bad as you order your food, you wait 1hr until the waiter comes back and says i.e “We don't have any Okra for xyz reason so choose something else from the menu”. So now you'll have to choose something else and wait double the time. It seems as the kitchen staff are inexperienced and don't know how to check inventory better yet cook food efficiently. It appears as that the Kitchen Staff only consists of 1, which would explain why the food takes forever. I don't understand how you could be running the “Best Western Plus” with only 1 chef and expect to have any business. Absolutely ridiculous. Other aspects of the service also stoop quite low. For example, I had requested that we'd receive and extra bed, sheets, pillow and blanket as we needed it. They had informed us “Ok, no problem but you would need to pay extra”. We agreed to this. They had rolled out an extra mattress which was in an absolute filthy condition and forgot the bedsheets. We had to wait another 20mins to get bedsheets. When they brought the bedsheets, they forgot the pillow and blanket so they left and ran back downstairs. It took an hour and several phone calls later until a housekeeping staff had come to our room. He had informed us that there was “No extra pillows and blankets in the whole hotel” so he left 2 bathrobes on the bed and left. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?? How could you not have extra pillow and blanket! That makes me question the overall cleanliness of the hotel or if the staff were just lazy and couldn't get it. Unbelievable. Overall, The Best Western Enugu is somewhere I would never step foot in again nor recommend to anyone. The hotel looks glamorous from the surface but once you dig deeper you find that the hotel is horrendous! There are obviously numerous management flaws and undertrained staff which spoils the whole experience at the hotel. The service is overall poor and the staff members do not know how to treat paying customers well and feel good in giving them money. Not to mention how expensive it was! Value for money is very poor. Never again.

"One of the worst hotels I have ever stayed in - If not the worst"

Wanderlust-SEA, Atlanta, Georgia 30/10/2018

I've travelled across multiple continents and stayed in hotels ranging from one to five stars and this hotel is either the worst or one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed at. My room has not had warm water since I checked in and on a Tuesday night. The shower was not installed correctly, so water leaks out the top and goes over the top of the shower door spraying water all over the bathroom. The final straw was tonight. I feel as if I am in the middle of a dance club at 930 on a Tuesday night. When I called the front desk, I was told that someone is celebrating their birthday. Now, on a worknight - those of us that are here working will forego sleep so that someone can celebrate their birthday with some of the loudest music ever. No offer to turn it down even slightly. In fact, the lady at reception said they are celebrating so they can't ask them to turn the music down. The two women at the front desk (including the woman who responded above) seem that they could care less about customer service and can't be bothered. The manager has gone home for the night and can't be bothered either. No chains on the door in the room. Hotel has been open for several months and no functioning gym yet. Tried to order pizza and was told they were out of cheese. There are other hotels in town. Do yourself a favor and avoid this one. If I were Best Western, I would immediately be pulling my name off this hotel.

"My most recent Enugu discovery ... and I enjoyed my meal"

feyoji, Enugu, Nigeria 19/09/2018

Hubby took me here on last Monday (I had not heard of it before now). I was surprised to find that a new hotel in Enugu had the much parking space I saw. It was in the evening so I could not fully appreciate the structure but I could tell it was well built (a thoughtful structure). We patronised just the restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised that the meal tasted good. It is still the early days and I hope they maintain it and possibly improve. I find that restaurateurs here get complacent after a little while and dining out becomes something not to look forward to. I feel they need to train the restaurant staff more on how to comport themselves. I'll visit again and see how my next visit turns out.

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