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San Joaquin Hotel SureStay Collection by Best Western, Fresno

1309 W Shaw Avenue, 93711-3602, Fresno, United States - See on a map
San Joaquin Hotel SureStay Collection by Best Western - San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western The San Joaquin Hotel SureStay Collection by Best Western is ideally located in the center of Fresno. Come and experience our hotel near the major tourist attractions. Best price guaranteed and exclusive deals.

Welcome to the San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western - a quaint, chic, and distinctively styled boutique hotel situated in the prestigious Fig Garden District. Located in the heart of California, Fresno County provides its residents with an unparalleled diversity of recreational opportunities and natural beauty. Furthermore, the city's metropolis also features a wide selection of first-class entertainment and eatery selections. From its lakes, mountains, and foothills to its upscale restaurants, nightlife, and shopping – Fresno County has it all! Experience the liveliness and culture of California's fifth-largest city at the San Joaquin Hotel. Located in the heart of Fresno, San Joaquin's property is perfectly situated for guests to explore the area's most renowned attractions. Indeed, the Fresno Art Museum, Forrester Underground Gardens, and Fashion Fair Mall are within a five-mile radius from our hotel. It's only a short drive further to arrive at the area's most renowned national parks, theme parks, and entertainment venues. For guests who are traveling for work, you'll be pleased to discover that our downtown location is mere steps away from Fresno's booming business district. The San Joaquin Hotel SureStay Collection by Best Western is a perfect accommodation for corporate or business travelers, as well as pleasure visitors.

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  • Complimentary full american breakfast
    Complimentary full american breakfast
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    Air conditioning
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    Free parking
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    Outdoor parking
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    24-hour front desk
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"Clean, big rooms, very helpful staff"

annetter733, Fresno, California 29/01/2021

Best Western is my go to hotel chain, very good accommodations, and very helpful staff, this place lives up to that expectation. Will definitely recommend and stay here again. And the rates are very reasonable.

INNsight Reputation Management, Owner at San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western, responded to this review
Dear Guest: Thank you for leaving us a wonderful review! Thank you for your kind words regarding our clean and spacious rooms, helpful staff, and reasonable rates. We look forward to welcoming you back to our Fresno hotel soon! Take care! Don't forget to book your stay directly at where you'll find the lowest rates available anywhere online on your next trip. Thanks for staying with us, Regards, San Joaquin Hotel Management

"Dirty room, unkempt facility. Stay somewhere else"

User 14/01/2021

The room we received was nothing like the pictures on the hotel website for the room I selected. The room had not been renovated. The pictures of the room I reserved had a kitchen area and dining room area. Our room did not. Our room was old and tired with large black carpet stains all through the entire room. I called the front desk to confirm I had been assigned the right room. They said I had. I pointed out it was not as described and wanted to know if we could be moved to a room like what was in the picture. They said there was nothing like that available because the remodel was not complete. Told them about all the stains on the carpet and the broken handle on the nightstand. They noted it down on a piece of scratch paper but did not offer to move us to a clean room. The dresser that held the TV in the bedroom had a thick layer of dust. Saturday morning had to call the front desk for toilet paper since the was little left on the roll upon our arrival and no spare in the room. One hour passed and still no toilet. Called front desk and they said, “Well, I called maintenance…let me call them again”. Apparently, in this large hotel there is only one ice machine, but it was out of order, so you could only get ice from the front desk staff. The pool was green. Employees seem like they don't want to be there and are not friendly or helpful. Dirty place inside and out. Welcome mat at front desk was filthy with stains and dirt. Only gave them 2 stars because the room was a suite and we appreciated the space.

INNsight Reputation Management, Owner at San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western, responded to this review
Dear Guest: I would like to apologize for the poor experience, and inconvenience personally. This is not the standard experience our guests have. Our staff works hard to ensure every guest has a pleasant stay. Our rooms are cleaned daily so I am not sure why you may face any cleanliness issues. Rest assured, your concerns were immediately passed on to our housekeeping staff and management. I will double-check with our housekeeping staff to ensure that our cleanliness standards are always being met. I do hope you come back and visit us so we can have a second chance to better serve you. Take care! Sincerely, San Joaquin Hotel Management

"Atrociously gross rooms and horrendous customer service."

User 12/01/2021

Atrociously gross rooms and horrendous customer service. My mom booked my husband and I a room here because it is advertised as a great hotel with all suite style rooms and we stayed here years ago. 6 years ago this WAS a decent hotel but a lot has changed. When we checked in we weren't greeted as the two unprofessional looking young women behind the desk were helping those before us. I mention their appearences not to be superficial, but to elaborate that their lack of uniform or any visual indicators that they worked there were missing. Both were wearing disheveled street clothes and only one was wearing her mask properly as the other altered between having her mask under her nose or chin. When we were "helped" they immediately asked for a $200 deposit for incidentals. Most hotels hold the card number instead of charging right away so I was taken aback. We were given our key and set off to room #1. Room#1: I can't comment to the cleanliness of this room because the cards that we were given didn't work. We went to tell the desk ladies that the card wouldn't open the door and instead of "oh I am sorry for the inconvenience let me fix that" we were met with an eye roll and one girl arguing with the other about the key coding process. We were given a second too didn't work. The third time my husband went to get the proper key alone as I was getting annoyed. When he went down again the lady accused him of not paying for the room. When he explained that my mom had paid for it and that has nothing to do with the key process said she couldn't find his name in the computer anyway. We literally checked in 10 minutes before and she couldn't find his name and payment info now and acted like that was why the door didn't open. Her colleague found our reservation and payment with the deposit then finally reissued a third key....that did not work. Our patience was running thin so we got a FOURTH key. Still the door reader didn't work. They never offered to check it themselves or use a master key, instead they switched us to another room. Room #2 We actually got in with a working key, yay! Not yay= the room smelled like a stale ashtray. The room had a made bed and was superficially clean, but when I went to the bathroom there were hairs around the toilet and black carpet stains throughout. The air-conditioning vent was pulled loose and one of the door baseboards was knocked off. Not wanting to stay in a smoking room where we might be blamed for damage I took pictures and asked if we could be moved. So we were, great.. wrong. Room #3 Room number 3 was not cleaned by room service at all. Trash everywhere, food and dirty dishes, unmade bed, and trash in the bins. We took pictures and went back to the lobby again. The grounds between the lobby and rooms: cigarette butts everywhere, trash overflowing, and a swamp green pool. Lobby; we asked to speak to the manager after room 2 and was told he stepped out. We asked to speak to him again and he came from the back office. As we explained that 2 of the rooms were dirty and one we couldn't get into he started explaining that the new Best Western system of booking didn't tell him which of the rooms were clean as its a bad system my husband paused him. He didn't say sorry or how can I help, this guy just started a rant about an inefficient booking system. My husband stated that the system isn't our problem but the room cleanliness is. The manager then took off his mask, acting out of breath standing 2 feet away us, begins talking. I stepped back and my husband again politely asks him to stop. Explaining that he is a ER nurse who deals with COVID patients, we requested that he put his mask back on. Seriously why would you take your mask off in a closed room next to strangers with a highly contagious virus lurking about when you work at a place that welcomes people from all over the country? But I digress. The manager flatly with no apology just says "I'll issue a refund". He didn't offer an apology or offer to check the next room himself, he just said "fine I will get you a refund." We hadn't mentioned a refund, we just wanted a clean room. I asked where does he think we are going to get a room on CHRISTMAS EVE AT 5:00? I also asked why he just didn't find a clean room? Why were we offered no politeness or a clean room but straight to refund?! At this my husband said "fine, clearly we aren't welcome here by the rooms or the people, yes we would like refund". I asked for the receipts for both the deposit and room and the manager just walked away. He never issued an apology or handed us the refund receipt. He hid in the back area while the girl who wore her mask under her nose got the receipts for us. I wish I could say thats the end of the story. If you read this far, good for you. We ended up at the Ramada a mile away and were greeted there warmly and were met with a clean room. P.s. go there, anywhere but here. My moms refund did not go through and mine posted about a week later. Her refund was processing for a week then was canceled by the hotel. When she went to report it and show proof of purchase and talk to the manager she was told he wasn't there. The lady behind the counter said she didn't know how to process refunds. My mom was baffled, and asked what was going on. Seeing the overrun trash cans and random people milling about my mom asked if this Hotel was hosting the un-housed, the girl behind the counter in a low voice said yes. My mom went back the next day and the manager was there. She asked for her refund and explained the experience we had there. He said he recalled us straight LIED to my mom that he offered the "presidential suite" but WE declined (he never offered us ANYTHING BUT A REFUND). There is something nefarious going on with this place. Reading other reviews about deposits not being returned and the dirtiness of the place, the money is going somewhere but not in the quality of the rooms, grounds (upkeep of the pool), or front of house staff. Take your business elsewhere, your hard earned money doesn't deserve this rudeness. P.s. I have pictures to prove it.

"Great for size, lackluster for everything else."

Russell C, San Jose, California 26/10/2020

My overall experience at the hotel was pleasant, and did its job in terms of what I wanted for a space. However, something just always seemed off about the hotel itself. When finding the hotel on TripAdvisor I went to the hotel's website to see more information on suites, where you barely can find any great photos. Comparing the room types doesn't really help explain what is expected from a standard suite to a deluxe suite. I decided to call same day of when I would be arriving to find out more info, as it looked like on the hotel's website they only had Deluxe suites left, and no standards. When I called, I spoke to the front desk agent where she told me they only had first floor deluxe suites available still, which were deluxe rooms, and cost $255 for the 2 nights. I was very confused since the same room on their website was listed for $165 for the 2 nights. She said there is a $10 hospitality fee added when I get there for each day, but that still doesn't explain how it could be almost $100 more to book over the phone. Not even the best suite online cost $250 for 2 nights.... I decided to book on the website and got the better rate. When I showed up I was excited to be in the deluxe room since I was told they were all different themes on the phone. However, when I was given my room key I was given a 3rd floor room. This was confusing since I was told on the phone there was only first floor rooms left. I asked the front desk agent if the room was a themed room, which she said it's not but the theme is homey. I guess that meant a regular room since it was just a typical suite, and very basic. Disappointed since I figured I was getting a cool suite on the first floor, but I guess the deluxe suite for $165 was just the standard? Almost feel like either their website was lying, or they bamboozled me into a standard room. Not sure. The next morning I went down to talk to someone about it, just so I could clear my confusion. This was around 1pm and literally no one was at the front desk for 10 minutes. No sign and no word of when they would be back. As someone who has worked the front desk of a boutique hotel before I was baffled why there was no one there to help guests. I have the feeling they are under staffed so I let it go, and went about my day. Eventually came back to my room at night with my friend and we wanted to watch tv. The living room cable box didn't work, and said it was not connected to the internet. I called the front desk, and for awhile it was just busy. Eventually got through and the agent said she could try restarting the modem, and gave my the password to the wifi to be safe. We tried the tv again later and it still didn't' work. I even tried connecting the tv to wifi and no luck. Eventually I figured I would just hook up my computer to the tv with an HDMI, and I couldn't even connect my computer to the wifi! I am 100% sure I wrote down the right password but I tried calling back down to reverify the wifi info, and after 3 tries and no answer I gave up. Eventually had to connect the TV to my cell phone's personal hotspot just to get it work. So much effort just for something that should be standard. As I mentioned in the title, if you are looking for a decent room, that is great in size I highly recommend! The price was great for the space, though pretty thin walls. But from the shady differences in pricing from agent to their website (still don't understand how there could be such a difference), lack of service, and working amenities I will need to think it over before staying again.

, Owner at San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western, responded to this review
Russell: I appreciate you taking the time to leave such detailed feedback about your stay. I am glad that you liked our spacious room, and had an overall pleasant stay. I am very sorry to hear that there were things throughout your stay that didn't meet your expectations. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our guests, therefore we have mentioned all our room rates clearly on the website. I suppose there might have been a misunderstanding while communicating. Please rest assured that we have noted all the concerns listed in your review and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. I do hope you come back and visit us so we can have a second chance to better serve you. Take care! Sincerely, San Joaquin Hotel Management

"Don't let their pictures fool you"

0O0EyEz0O0, Fresno, California 21/09/2020

First morning and I cant even relax with my kids because they are knocking a hole in a balcony that is above mine.. from my balcony.. which had no handle on it btw..but they didnt fix it the 20 times they walked in and out of my room.. using a key and knocking and poking their heads in as they open the door. Took 2 men all day because they took turns sitting down while the other worked. About 5pm they finally left, dragging the debris through my room and out the door. And how nice of them to leave a trail of it behind for my family to step on days. Housekeeper was the best, honestly. She came every morning to bring fresh towels and was very friendly and helpful. Last morning and I'm rushing through my packing cause I slept late, probably from being waken up in the middle of the night by vomiting teenagers outside.. multiple times.. so I'm rushing in packing and I hear a knock at the door. Guess who! I'm guessing the manager or supervisor? not really sure but she has say so.. well she needs to see the big hole in the balcony above mine with some other maintenance guy. so here they come through the room again and when she went to open the door, no handle. she told the guy to open it. bet its still not fixed... and the biggest complaint is my bill. I paid for a bigger better room and they put me in a smaller funky one but I was still billed for the bigger room... And let me warn you now that those rooms do not look like the pictures.

, Owner at San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western, responded to this review
Dear Guest: I wanted to apologize for your poor experience at our hotel. While it is a bit unclear to us what exactly went wrong with your stay per your review, let me explain the construction noise--we are making some improvements to our property, and you may have been impacted by some of this work. For this, I apologize. I am glad that you found our housekeeping staff helpful. I do apologize for the inconveniences you endured during your stay. Sincerely, Owner San Joaquin Hotel

"This hotel has convinced me to use Airbnb from now on!"

A_V_Wedding_Lady, Lancaster, California 05/08/2020

When I made my reservations I requested two rooms next to each other. When I checked in I made the request again and the lady made a note of it. When my son and his family came to check in they told him they did not have a reservation for him. I had to come down with my phone to show the man at the front desk the two room (paid for) reservations. Then he told us we could not have rooms next to each other. When I asked why the rooms next to me were given away he told me “I am not responsible for what my other Coworkers do!” He placed my son & his family (4) in a room with one bed. Later that night when My son tried to get blankets and sheets so the children could sleep on the couch which was not a pull out. The man at the front desk told him he couldn't leave the front desk so there was nothing he could do for him. It took my husband going down to the front desk and screaming in order to get blankets and sheets for my grandchildren. My daughter-in-law was so upset she cut the vacation short and left the next day. So thank you San Joaquin Hotel for ruining A three generation family vacation. From now on we will be using Airbnb because when you pay for the house the house is there. Ps. We have stayed here multiple times before and had a very enjoyable time, that's why the sarcastic comments and non-service was totally shocking.

, Owner at San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western, responded to this review
Dear Guest: I am very sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your stay with us in Fresno and had a poor experience. There may have been some kind of misunderstanding regarding your room requests between our staff members. We would have definitely provided you 2 rooms next to each other if they were available. I am sorry that our staff wasn't able to assist you in providing the blankets. Please rest assured that this is not the standard experience our guests have, as you experienced good customer service during your previous stays. I will pass your concerns with our staff and management, and also have a discussion with our team regarding the fixes to be made and will also ensure that next time, we are better able to accommodate your needs. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and your family. Sincerely, San Joaquin Hotel Management


User 01/08/2020

I've stayed at this hotel several times over the last 3 years and have typically had good experiences. Front desk staff is excellent, pool area is great, rooms have varied from slightly dusty to clean, and the set up of the rooms is ideal for families. On my most recent visit, a large deposit was taken and just over $99 was not returned. I was initially told that there was no problems and I should wait longer as it is common for the banks to return deposits in parts. After 3 weeks, someone at the front desk informed me that my room charge was taken out of the deposit even though I had confirmation that I pre-paid. It has now been 5 weeks, 5 phone calls, emails, and one in person visit and I still have had no communication with a manager or someone that can actually help me. And I am still out $99. Stay with caution and check your bank account after.

, Owner at San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western, responded to this review
Taylor: Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for being a repeat guest at our hotel. I am glad you liked our staff, pool area, and family-friendly rooms. San Joaquin hotel never charges you more than what's stated on the website and your reservation confirmation. To avoid any confusion, we do list all of our policies and pricing on our website. Please feel free to contact us to explain what happened and we will do our best to address your concerns. Sincerely, San Joaquin Hotel Management


User 16/03/2020

We picked this motel while on the road looking for a place to stop and sleep. The staff is very nice. It's an outside motel. The decor is very 70's, but very well kept. A very nice retro decor that was very clean. Our room was divided into 2 rooms: a small living room with the TV and the large bedroom with a spacious bathroom without a TV (which ww prefer). I was surprised by how large the room was. Overall a positive experience.

INNsight, Guest Relations Manager at San Joaquin Hotel, SureStay Collection by Best Western, responded to this review
Gamb1t18: Thank you for leaving us a wonderful review!! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay with us. It makes me happy to see that you liked the clean and spacious room, and our friendly staff as well. We look forward to welcoming you back soon! Don't forget to book your stay directly at where you'll find the lowest rates available anywhere online on your next trip. Thanks for staying with us, Regards, San Joaquin Hotel Management

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