BEST WESTERN Aghveran Hotel,  Aghveran

3.5/5  - basé sur 40 notations.
Ra Kotayq Marz, 2503, Aghveran, Armenia - Karte ansehen
+374 91 224 054 +374 10566988

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  • 24 Stunden Rezeption 24
    24 Stunden Rezeption 24
  • Klimaanlage
  • Kostenlose Parkplätze
    Kostenlose Parkplätze
  • Freibad
  • Restaurant
  • Sauna
  • Kammerdiener
  • WLAN-Verbindung in den gemeinsamen Bereichen
    WLAN-Verbindung in den gemeinsamen Bereichen
  • Tennisplatz
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Fotogalerie :
Das BEST WESTERN Aghveran Hotel ist ein moderner Komplex am linken Flussufer des Dalar, nur 40 km von der Hauptstadt Yerewan entfernt. Das Hauptgebäude mit Ruhe- und Unterhaltungsbereichen und die sieben miteinander verbundenen Gebäude umfassen 56 komfortable Gästezimmer. Alle Zimmer bieten eine offene Terrasse mit schönem Blick auf die umliegende Landschaft. Das BEST WESTERN Aghveran Hotel bietet eine große Auswahl von Serviceleistungen und Einrichtungen, darunter ein Hallenbad und einen Swimmingpool im Freien, eine Sauna, Tischtennis und Billard, eine Bar, das Café PASCUCCI, einen Internetraum, einen VIP-Bereich, ein Spielzimmer für Kinder, ein Restaurant für 100 Personen und zwei komplett ausgestattete Mehrzweckräume für Veranstaltungen. Schöne Pfade führen zu einem Bowlingzentrum, das seine Türen für alle Anhänger des Bowlingsports öffnet. Über dem Bowlingzentrum befindet sich ein Freiluftcafé mit Blick auf einen Pool mit Springbrunnen. Eine gemütliche Brücke führt Sie zu einem Schwimmbad im Freien, das auch einen Bereich speziell für Kinder bietet. Mehrere Pergolas am Flussufer laden ein zu einem Sommerpicknick im Erholungsbereich, der mit allem Notwendigen ausgestattet ist. Genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt!

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BEST WESTERN Aghveran Hotel,Aghveran
  • 3
    « Confusing »

    We arrived around noon for an over night family trip and wanted to have some lunch. We sat at the restaurant and the waitress started to bring bread and cheese and some pickles but shortly after learned that we were not the lunch guests they were expecting. Apparently you have to let the hotel know before hand you will be have BF lunch at the restaurant !!!!! Nothing from the order menu was available!!!! No Kebob or pizzas !!!! She told us that all they had was Katlet and salad!!!!! So we left .... had to pay for the cheese and pickles she had brought without us ordering it!!!!!

    « Lack of proper management »

    There is no good management in place, many things are just not thought of, no care from staff; the bar doesn't have espresso, Jack Daniels, milk (for coffee); bathroom sink didn't work properly; mattresses are of bad quality; and they don't accept credit card (the reception tells some ridiculous problems with their POS terminal and asks for cash)...

    « TERRIBLE! »

    TERRIBLE!!! In august, how can the open pool not be cleaned for months!!!??? In such a hotel which is not cheap, even expensive for Armenia! Whatever we saw in the pool: spiders even a dead mouse and no a drop of chlorine!!! And this is when at the first day we asked at the reception if the water is being cleaned every day, and they said sure!!! Terribly angry and unsatisfied! This was the first and the LAST visit! After all the complains the reception just said: this happens in the open air we can't control such things!

    « Terrible place, dated, rude staff, middle of nowhere, boring food and VERY, VERY HOT, NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! »

    Extremely mediocre Soviet-era hotel feeling like an old sanitarium with unfriendly/clueless staff, bland and boring food, and broken air conditioning. Where do I begin: Rooms: * Rooms have large east-facing windows but nothing more than thin veils for curtains that do virtually nothing to block light. This means in the summer you will be woken up at 5:30am with the sun in your eyes. * You have two options for lighting in your room: either blindingly-bright halogens or office-space white CFLs. Both are unwelcoming and unwarm. There are no bed-side reading lights. * No bottled water provided in my room (neither free or for purchase ... nothing). * No ironing board in the room. * No luggage rack in the room. * Soap and shampoo were very cheap, barely usable. Staff * After walking by one of the staff (nametag: David or perhaps Davit), I abruptly turned about only to find him with his arms stretched out indicating to his coworker (nametag: Armen) as to how large I am. Yes, I am a large guy, at 6'4" and 250 lbs, but to have the staff make physical gestures regarding my size is utterly unacceptable. When he saw that I saw what he was doing, he did not apologize. ?* Extremely unprofessional staff walk around clanking cups and dishes together, slamming doors in the middle of our meeting, and for some strange reason taking away only half-finished bottles of water. Overall they seemed to not care at all about their jobs or their guests. ? Conference Hall * We had a conference of about 30 people. It was about 100 degrees F (38 C) outside. We were distressed to find out the air conditioning in the conference room did not work at all for both days. The hotel's solution: open the windows and put 1 small desk fan in the corner of the room. I reiterate: it was literally 100 degrees outside. This was made even worse by the kitchen staff taking smoking breaks every few minutes directly under the conference room window and smoke wafting into the room. Needless to say we sat sweating profusely and feeling drowsy for 2 days. This is unacceptable. WiFi * Fairly strong when it worked, but it would often cut out for 10-15 minutes at a time. ? ?Food * Ate 3 meals here which were mostly tremendously boring. As the hotel is quite isolated, there is not another option for food unless you want to drive. * Breakfast was the only redeeming meal, which consisted of 3 options for eggs, 2 options for sausage, many options for juice, and a huge plate of watermelon. This was quite good, honestly. * Lunch consisted of mostly flavorless chicken, and repulsive mayonnaise-covered "salads". * Dinner consisted of overcooked pork skewers, extremely fatty beef, unexciting unseasoned potatoes, and repulsive mayonnaise-covered "salads". ?Grounds/hallways: * There are no elevators in the lobby. You must walk up about 6 stairs, then down a hallway, to find the one tiny and busy elevator. This didn't bother me much, but would be a concern to someone with lots of luggage or mobility issues. * Very strange to find military-like guards patrolling the grounds and manning a gate at the front of the hotel. We were interrogated upon arrival and had to explain to the guard why were were trying to drive up the driveway to the hotel. Armenia is a safe place and this is a safe part of Armenia. This type of security presence is unnecessary and off-putting for guests. ?* Enroute to my room after dinner I was greeted by a large bug, I think a cockroach, but seemed to have more legs than usual. No idea, but it was gross. * Overall little attention paid to details, for example some lighting features were nearly falling out of the ceiling, particularly in the conference room. Embarrassing. * The entire hotel had a very strange odor that I would akin to broccoli. Except for my floor (4th floor) which has the pool and so my entire floor smelled like chlorine. Would you rather smell broccoli or chlorine? Take your pick. ?

    « Terrible »

    We've spent 4days/3nights in this hotel, everything was fine until we've found a dead mouse in a childrens' part of an open-air pool, manager said "it's normal, this is our hotel..." I have no words after that

    « In the middle of nowhere »

    Hotel badly situated ,if you are to visit Yerevan, few amenities, poor internet... and are expensive...For a few days of relaxation in and around nature this hotel could be a nice place On the other hand the food(breakfast and dinner) is good. The service was good with everyone we interacted with from the front desk, to the breakfast staff..ETC...

    « OBNOXIOUS. Not recommended »

    Have been visiting this facility for years, for business. It looks and feels like a correctional institution located, for some strange reason, in a very picturesque area, amidst foresty mountains. A characterless Soviet-style building with some allowance for modern architecture, basic unprofessional service throughout, clueless and inefficient reception, indifferent canteen food, basic albeit clean rooms with no discernible style, and a teeny-weeny swimming pool. The most remarkable and salient feature is the Security. The place is teeming with rather conspicuous uniformed men with gang member demeanor. Upon arrival you have to stop at a security checkpoint complete with a reluctant toll bar and enthusiastic security personnel; interaction with these ones is nothing short of a rigorous interrogation, with arriving guests treated as suspects in a hienous crime. I am always surprised when they do not demand to impound and search my vehicle. The managent is very proud of this arrangement and determined to keep it. Do stay here if you like spending time in indifferent surroundings and being harassed by incompetent personnel, and do stay away if you would rather spend your time in a more quality and welcoming setting.


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·Aus Richtung Jerewan: Folgen Sie der Nationalstraße bis Sewan. Folgen Sie auf der Hauptstraße den Wegweisern nach Aghveran und zum BEST WESTERN Aghveran Hotel.